3D Printing and design

I love gaming. I also love 3D printing and designing. Whether you own a 3D printer and just want to cut some time off your creation, or don’t own a 3D printer and would still like to own these amazing models, you’ve come to the right place. I am licensed with some of the most talented designers in the 3D printing industry, and would love to physically spread their models to your tabletop.
— Mike Sheridan

Click the logos below to browse each companies models, check for the latest news with them, or maybe design a dungeon in Dungeon Print Studio, then ckick “get this printed”, and chose aler3dimensya, Or Create a custom miniature on HeroForge, then return to get it printed!

Also, a special THANK YOU to these local businesses for being participating retailers, and in store pick up locations! Click their logos to check them out as well! And now in partnership with the Chance Of Gaming Podcast! Give it a listen by clicking on their logo.


The Idea

Peruse the available models, and create your dream dungeon, or village. Or, select some heroes or baddies to throw at your players. I’ll get to printing them as soon as possible, then mail them directly to you! You can also head to, design your dungeon, click “get this printed”. Look for Alteredimensya, and email for a free quote.

Style & Quality

I use ESUN PLA pro filament. Choose what color you would like, then your item will be printed. Terrain will be printed at a .15 layer height, with at least 10% infill. The printed models are sturdy and durable. Miniatures will be printed at a .08 layer height, with a solid fill for smaller miniatures, and 30% for larger creatures. Only the finest results will be shipped to your door. Miniatures with small parts will be individually bubble wrapped to ensure protection. Every attempt will be made to make the models smooth, however since they are printed in layers, non visible layer lines are not guaranteed.

Custom designs

Having a hard time finding what you’re looking for? This is a massive library of options, feel free to ask if you cant find something. Also, custom dungeon terrain is available. If that one piece you need to finish off your dungeon doesn’t exist, please ask. I can possibly design the missing link for you. Once we both agree that what I’ve sculpted is what you need, then I’ll start the printing process, and add your custom piece to the library in case someone else ever needs it!