3D Printing and design

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need an answer to something specific, or something that I haven’t added here yet, please feel free to email anytime.


I don’t see the model I’m looking for on this site, where can I find it?

Each company’s logo is a link to their site, you can browse the models by each specific designer on their sites, then purchase the printed version here.

Do I need to purchase the models on the designer’s sites to have them printed?

You are of course welcome to purchase their model files, however it is not necessary. In some cases, however, Alter3dimensya may not be licensed to print a specific model you would like. In that case, I just need some type of permission from that designer to print that particular model for you, which typically means you would need to own the file. They can either email permission to you personally, and you can forward it to, or they can email me directly.

How do I purchase a model from a designer you are licensed with, that is not in your store?

To do this follow these instructions:

  1. Click the link to the company who’s model you would like printed

  2. Take note of which company you have chosen, and either a part number, or name of the model, and from what set if applicable.

  3. Return to, and click on CONTACT US

  4. Fill out the required information, and email a list of above stated models and companies

  5. I will render them if need be, then add them to the store the same day as soon as possible, and email you back to tell you they are added.

  6. Check out normally

How long does it take for my models to be printed?

This depends on the size of your order, and in what order your order was received. If no one is in front of you, your prints start immediately, otherwise for the most part it will be started as soon as the prior order is finished.

How long does it take to ship, and can I track my order?

Shipping will be first class USPS, which ships in 2-3 business days with tracking available. As soon as your prints are complete, they will be shipped to you either the same, or next day. If you are picking your order up from a participating retailer, then you will be notified by email when your prints arrive at the store.

How does Alter3dimensya’s referral system work?

if you are interested in the referral system, email me and let me know. the way it works is, i will issue you a one of a kind discount code for 10% off the entire order to give to anyone and everyone that you know. when they use that code, it will let me know that they heard of alter3dimensya through you, then i will send you a one time use, non stackable, code for 20% off your own order that expires one year from the date of issue. Discount codes not applicable to gift cards. your referral code for your friends also expires one year from date of issue, and can be renewed for free by contacting me again for a new code.