3D Printing and design


Terms & Conditions

  1. Alter3dimensya is licensed to print all displayed models on this site, and is not otherwise affiliated with any companies who’s models are displayed for sale, and will not display models for sale that I am not licensed to print.

  2. Alter3dimensya is a print service only, no files for models are for sale here. If you own a file, and do not own a printer, Alter3dimensya can print your models for you with emailed permission from the creator either to yourself, or Just forward the permission email from the artist and send it to me, that’s good enough!

  3. Payment for models is expected at the time of order placement, and until I find a better method, shipping will be billed separately, so that you are not overpaying for shipping. Shipping cost will include postage and handling, or the cost of the container.

  4. Printing models takes time, and your order will be fulfilled in the order that it was taken, but at the absolute most immediate time available. Progress updates can be available upon your request. If you have a particularly large order, I am open to shipping it to you as it finishes, at your discretion, so long as you are willing to pay the shipping, so that you can begin painting ASAP. Most hobby store acrylics adhere great to PLA, which is the type of filament I use, without primer. However, if you wish to primer, Krylon Primer works great. Named brand miniature paints will also stick well to printed models with little preparation.

  5. I use FDM printers which leave layer lines. Most models will be printed at a regular resolution, or .13-.15. Miniatures will be printed with higher infill, to increase solidity, and higher resolution to maintain detail. Models requiring slicer supports will likely have some scarring where the supports touch the model. I will clean them up for the most part, but some models may require more clean up before you paint them. Terrain will be printed with 10% infill, unless more is required.

Thank you for choosing Alter3dimensya 3D printing and design, and if you cant find what you are looking for in the listed models, please feel free to contact me at I may have a model that I have not yet rendered for the storefront, or be able to work directly with you to design exactly what you are looking for.


Privacy Policy

Alter3dimensya will never share any personal information with anyone, ever without your consent. That goes for images, phone numbers, bank info, address, email, nothing. If you are happy with your printed model, and would like to send pictures of it once it is printed, or at unboxing, please feel free to do so at, and with your permission I will post them on my prints page.