3D Printing and design

Now Printing your Hero Forge minis!

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Let me print your Hero Forge Minis! You design them at Then, you purchase the .stl file. Return, and click HERE to order your mini printed. Once you check out, email your unique miniature .STL file to Each mini is $5 plus shipping. Alter3dimensya does not sell physical copies of Heroforge Models. I simply am a printing service to you, to give you an alternative printing option. Models are printed in Esun PLA PRO, which is plastic. Once your mini is printed and shipped, your file is then deleted, therefore if you want another copy in 6 months, you will need to send the file again.


Multiverse Mondays

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I’ve been slacking the last couple of weeks getting the new Multiverse Monday models from Ill Gotten Games up in the store, so for the rest of the month, the MVM models will be on sale! ENJOY!


Chance of Gaming Podcast Fat Dragon Games Great Dragon Giveaway is LIVE!

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From now until the beginning of June, listen to the Chance of Gaming podcast for your chance to win a magnificent Great Dragon from Fat Dragon Games. No purchase is necessary to win, just listen to the show, the guys will give you a question to answer, then return to to type in your answer, and you are entered! Easy, right? This Dragon is about a foot long from head to tail, and has about a 9-10 inch wingspan. Best of all, it could be yours for FREE! One entry per person, please. During the first episode of Chance of Gaming Podcast in June, the guys will draw a winner on the show. Shipping will be free in the continental United States. If you are entering on PC, the spot to enter will be at the top of the news page on the right, if on mobile, just scroll down past the blogs, and the entry spot will be there near the bottom.


Original .stl files for the Great Dragon can be purchased from

Original .stl files for the Great Dragon can be purchased from

If you just wish to purchase the Great Dragon from Alter3dimensya, you can do so   here  .

If you just wish to purchase the Great Dragon from Alter3dimensya, you can do so here.

Tulip City Comic Con and Toyfare was a blast!

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Thanks to everyone who came out! It was a great turnout! Met a lot of great people, saw a lot of great costumes, and MAN were there a lot of nostalgic toys around. Like M.A.S.K., anyone remember those toys/ show growing up? Of course a ton of Star Wars toys, comics, and the Tulip City Ghostbusters! Hopefully I get the opportunity again next year. A special THANK YOU to Between the Covers Bookstore for setting me up there under their wing! Overall Great experience!

Tulip City Comic Con and Toyfare

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Sunday, April 28, 2019, Alter3dimesya will be at the Tulip City Comic Con and Toyfare from 10 am til 5 pm. There will be a raffle to win a sewer starter set with four Turdle adventurers from Fat Dragon Games. Raffle tickets will be available up until the end of the show, then we will draw a winner. I will have the Ender 3 set up printing some new as of April minis, all day. There will be lots to do, and admission is only $5!! Come out and see me!


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A lot of exciting models coming out right now! The main Miniatures from the Fat Dragon Games Kickstarter are now in the store. Also soon to be in the store, are the models from Nafarrate’s latest KS, including a giant turtle with ruins on it’s back, more houses, more ships, more bases, more walls, a siege tower, and a Cthulhu model! New Sci Fi stuff from Ill Gotten Games, The April Patreon models from Duncan Louca. Also Castle towers from Dark Realms Forge, and a BEAUTIFUL Merchant ship!

Dragonlock Ultimate Minis have arrived!

Fat Dragon Gamesmichael sheridan

Fresh off the Kickstarter, the new minis from Fat dragon Games are here! Skeletons, Goblins, Lizardfolk, Turdles, and a new Eyebeast (beholder). Available either singly, or in a Bag of Holding. These models are FANTASTIC, and unless you own a 3D printer, or know someone who does, unavailable to the public. That’s where I come in. Let’s get these in your players hands, and on your table! Surprise them with some Turdle PCs, OR, maybe with a village of Turdle NPCs. Surprise them with an army of the dead with 20 different and unique skeleton warriors, lizardfolk warriors, or goblins! Throw that Beholder at them!



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GET IN ON THIS KICKSTARTER! THE TOWNSFOLK ARE AMAZING! It’s easy to find a big bad guy, or a barbarian dwarf mini. But what about Bob the Butcher down the road, and his wife Mary who runs the counter? As I understand, this wave will contain some non human townsfolk, the last one was ALL humans. Among the last KS, aside from drunkards and doctors, were guards, dead townsfolk, undead townsfolk, seated patrons, and much much more! Check it out, I will announce when it starts! Here are some sneak peeks at some of the models.


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Saturday February 16, Between The Covers Bookstore hosted their first official D&D game day. We held a raffle for the Dwarven Throne Room dungeon I printed from Fat Dragon Games set “Realm Of The Mountain King”. At the end of the evening I drew a name out of the bucket, and Matt won! It was overall a very fun day spent killing bad guys, avoiding traps and hazards, and leveling up! CONGRATULATIONS! I believe this was the first of many D&D days to come, so when another comes around I’ll post here, hope to see you there!